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Digital One is a social media marketing agency specialising in content/website creation & total social platform management. 

We specialise in search engine marketing, social media marketing and SEO consulting. Our clients are industry leaders that recognise marketing as a key driver of sales. We create, optimise and manage long-term digital marketing campaigns to achieve impressive business results for each one of our clients. 


Clients trust us because we deliver. Our agency is on the cutting edge of the digital marketing process; we leverage world-leading expertise to drive traffic and sales. We measure validated metrics that are critical to your business performance and work with you to ensure that you see the results, first-hand, in real time. Digital One distinguishes itself from other agencies through value confidence; we present regular web-traffic and analytic reports to optimise our strategies and ensure client satisfaction. 


We recognise the difficulty in managing a business and the day-to-day pressure that limits your businesses true potential. Our team works towards optimising your marketability and drawing organic traffic to your website. We have realised that marketable content is much more valuable online than through alternate and outdated mediums. It is for this reason that we have formed a team dedicated to working for clients that seek a competitive edge. Digital One thrives off social media marketing experts who understand the value of your business, and communicate this through customised marketing campaigns that establish a personal touch between your business and consumers. 

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